​Graduating soon and still not have a job? Or did you graduate last semester and are still not working in a job that applies your education? Then you probably should consider hiring a professional resume service to avoid being part of the 75% of all resumes that are rejected by the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Here are 3 reasons why new graduates hire an expert to help them land their first job:


You paid a lot for your degree and have worked with someone in career services throughout your education. Guess what? So has the rest of your class. Career services can be a great resource to help land internships or network with alums. To land the job, you need to stand out from your classmates and more experienced competitors. Working with a resume expert is different than working with the career services department because:

  • Individual attention. A resume expert is hired by you to write your resume. This means they will approach your resume with the special attention necessary to get the job done right.
  • Real-world expertise. Resume experts have real-world knowledge and have helped countless people to get their resume through the ATS used most commonly by employers.
  • The expert does the work. Best of all – the resume expert will draft your resume for you in a way that is proven to work.


Resume experts are exactly that – experts in writing resumes. Career services at your school help with a lot from networking to supporting alumni connections and everything in between. So, many new grads will leverage the expertise of a resume expert and continue working with career services at their school to leverage the best benefits to their advantage. Working with a resume expert means:

  • ATS optimization. A professional resume writing expert shares their knowledge of how to optimize your resume in ATS.
  • Crafting a clear message. Your resume expert helps to build a clear message to separate you from the competition rather than merely pointing to generic examples.
  • Selling you as a strong candidate. Resume experts take that message and also help you build a cohesive resume that pulls together examples to back up that message.


Writing your resume is simply the first step in the process of finding your first job. In fact, many new grads will find themselves in the position of writing multiple resumes because they have a broad job search. (Find out if you need more than 1 resume). You will also need cover letters, LinkedIn updates, and a plan where to use your resume. This is where a resume expert wins hands down. Here are a few things you can expect from a resume expert:

  • Job board optimization. Professional resume writing experts frequently build different resumes for different job board for clients based on their industry knowledge of how that job board works.
  • Employer knowledge. A resume expert will also incorporate their knowledge of the specific ATS used by the employer or their knowledge of what the particular employer is looking for in people that it hires.
  • Practical insights. Most importantly for new grads, a resume expert will share their practical insights into the world of talent acquisition in a way that helps you build a winning resume and plan to land the right job quickly.
Still not sure? The Contingent Plan offers a free expert report to analyze your resume. The resume analysis report checks your resume for what you are doing right and compares it to what the ATS sees. This free resume analysis report is completely free and comes with no obligation. Request your free expert resume analysis report today!


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