Kathy Harrell-Latham


Kathy Harrell-Latham
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 612.216.1227

Kathy Harrell-Latham, an experienced recruiter and talent acquisition consultant, is known for breaking down the barriers created by the technology that is supposed to make the process easier to find and fill jobs. She used to practice law and taps in to that experience every day when she asks the tough questions to objectively assess client needs. Kathy brings a solutions focused approach that starts by identifying the goals, creating a plan, and applying her unparalleled industry knowledge gained from working with the technology and people who make the hiring decisions.

Kathy spends her time using the technology in all aspects of talent acquisition, speaking to groups, and coaching clients to their goals. She’s an avid distance runner who makes frequent stops at dog parks with the Contingent Plan’s official mascot, Fiesty_Rodham, a german shepherd- chihuahua mix.

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