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Cover Letters

Express your personal voice, mission, and dedication to your next employer with help from our expert writers.

Cover Letters

Many employers require a cover letter before they even look at your resume. It's important to express yourself in an honest way that also paints you as the right candidate for the job. See how we can help!



For new graduates and new careers!



For those moving on to the next stage.



For those with some years on them, looking for something new.



When you're looking for a new challenge.



For those intending to go into public service.

The Contingent Plan Blog

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How The Contingent Plan Is Different

The Contingent Plan weaves together the most important aspects of talent acquisition to serve companies of all sizes and stages. Our team of career experts and recruiters bring a people first approach to serve each client in whatever way makes the most sense to effectively meet their needs.

Best Talent Across Industries

Key roles require the best talent within the organization. The experienced recruiters of the Contingent Plan help organizations to ensure that they consider all of the best talent available.

Hard to Fill Roles

We leverage a depth of talent acquisition technology and collaborate with our career experts to find qualified talent when no one else can. This ensures that the best fit—even before they are officially on the market.

Key Expertise

Talent acquisition requires a depth of resources in this competitive market. Companies work with the Contingent Plan to leverage our expertise and access all of the tools to attract the best talent while sticking to their budget.