Making the wrong choice when selecting a new employee can be more costly than letting the role sit empty. Every employer wants to avoid these unexpected and unwelcome expenses. Here are 3 tips to help avoid some of the problems of a bad hire:


Interviews begin when the candidate walks in the door. Make sure the current employees understand they have input on the person and feel free to give feedback. A few tips to build a strategic and effective interview from the outset:

  • Give everyone who may encounter the person a heads-up before the candidate walks in the door.
  • Develop an interview style driving at the desired cultural fit and hand out a list of questions to the people performing the interview.
  • Talk to everyone involved right after the interview for initial feedback to get their gut reactions to the candidate
  • Send an email to the people who interacted with the candidate asking the same questions to formalize their feedback.


Some people look great on paper only to disappoint. Take the time during the interview process to get to know the candidate before advancing them through the talent acquisition process. Depending on the role, it may not make sense to engage the most extensive (and expensive) screening tools. A few more affordable options include:

  • Google the candidate. It’s amazing what can show up in a simple search.
  • Review their social media. This can provide countless insights into the person.
  • Consider personality assessments. Incorporating a testing component to the interview process can provide more objective insights into a personality. This can also be a great resource to identify how she might work with the team.
  • Call references. Sounds simple enough, but actually take the time to speak with the people about what they know of the candidate. Verify that the reference is actually who they say they are. 


Hiring needs can create an incredible strain on an organization that is already understaffed. Casting a wide net by leveraging many outside resources can ensure that the best candidates are screened for the position. A strong talent acquisition process does not have to be housed entirely within an organization. In fact, allowing your current employees to focus on what they do best may actually improve the efficiency of your organization. 

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