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Your job search is flexible and filled with many strategies. So is our pricing. Scroll down to find your fit from our proven customizable options to get started today.

Ongoing, Flexible Guidance for Your Job Search

Our membership plans are where it all comes together. Sign up today to access our proven methods and experienced team to support your job search. We partner with you to hit each do-able step in your search that add up to make a real difference in achieving your goals faster.

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Resume Pricing

Packages for every stage of your career. Pricing based on your experience level.

Digital Profile Pricing

Your message online matters as much as your resume in your job search. Use this option to optimize your profile on the platforms that matter the most in your job search including LinkedIn,, GitHub, job boards, and many more!

Career Coaching Pricing

Our experienced coaches bring a direct, practical approach to serving our clients. We work with jobseekers like yourself on a regular basis or for just 1 session – whatever works best for your job search.

How The Contingent Plan Is Different

The Contingent Plan weaves together the most important industry expertise with services to keep your momentum moving forward while maximizing your efforts at every step. Our team of resume writers, career coaches, and recruiters work together to help people find jobs every day while providing as much clarity in the process as possible.

We Use the Technology

Your job search shouldn’t happen in a vacuum. So, the Contingent Plan leverages our full suite of talent acquisition expertise from resumes to recruiting and everything in between to help our clients find their success.

Industry Expertise

The Contingent Plan is grounded in talent acquisition technology, market trends, and the government databases that drive most job searches. We became experts so our clients don’t have to just to find their next job.


Key Resources

We have a deep bench of resources to share with people looking for jobs to streamline the process. Our team of experts is continuing to add to these resources as talent acquisition technology continues to evolve.

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