Employers invest in outplacement services for their separating employees for a number of reasons. (Find out what outplacement services are by clicking here). The Contingent Plan has found that the following reasons are most common regardless of size of the employer:

  1. Recognition of the Employee’s Hard-work
  2. Public Relations
  3. Costs of Unemployment are Higher
  4. Protecting Customer Relationships (keeping customers happy prevents former employees from taking them)
  5. Contractual Reasons (i.e. government contract, client, requirements of a particular person, executive employment agreements, etc)
  6. There is a Reserved Fund (i.e. pension, trust, HR general fund)

​​There are many more reasons why an employer will choose to pay for the additional services to help an employee separating from their organization to land on their feet quickly. That’s why finding the right fit for the type of services can be so important to ensure that the employer’s why and the employee’s need can be met through the services. 

Have an employee or employees that will be separating soon and want to provide assistance in their job search? Contact the Contingent Plan today for a free no obligations quote to find out whether our team can help provide the right outplacement services for your needs.


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